Blazor State Management With Fluxor

In Blazor development, managing app state demands a structured approach to ensure application robustness and responsiveness. Fluxor, a state management library tailored for Blazor, offers a streamlined solution.

Integrating Tailwind CSS with Blazor Server App

Integrating Tailwind CSS with a Blazor Server application can enhance its styling capabilities and streamline the development process. In this guide, we'll walk through the steps to integrate Tailwind CSS into a Blazor Server app.

Tailwind Class Based Theme Changer for Blazor Apps

Explore the implementation of a class-based theme changer for Blazor applications using Tailwind CSS. This approach allows us to seamlessly switch between light and dark themes while leveraging the power and simplicity of Tailwind CSS for styling.

Adding an NPM project to .NET Aspire (Preview 3)

In this post, I'll guide you through updating your Aspire application to the latest .NET Aspire Preview 3 and incorporating an NPM project, whether it's Angular, React, Vue, or in my case, Qwik. Ensure you have the most recent .NET SDK and Visual Studio 2022 Preview installed before proceeding.

My Notebook: FIDO2 MFA in ASP.NET Core

Fido2 is the umbrella term and branding of two new w3c standards: WebAuthn and CTAP2. WebAuthn is the JS API that allows browser to talk to the operating system to generate assertions and CTAP2 is the API that allows the operating system to talk to Authenticators (usb security keys etc)

Generic MediatR CRUD Feature

The notion of having a generic mediatR feature is that you get to write less code for a bunch of similar features for each domain entitiy