GraphQL with .NET Core (Part - X: Execution Strategies)

By default, graphql-dotnet executes queries in parallel. Most of the time that's a desired behaviour. But there is a catch when a parent graph type has dependencies on a child graph type which also uses asynchronous task to resolve field values.

GraphQL with .NET Core (Part - VIII: 1-Many Entity Relations)

You can configure entity relationship following entity framework conventions. Entity framework will auto-create a one-to-many relationship between entities if one of the entity contains a collection property of the second entity. This property is known as a navigation property.

GraphQL with .NET Core (Part - VI: Queries & Mutations)

We've come to the point, where you should have a good understanding of GraphQL Queries already. Few things you should keep in mind though, A query should never change the value of a field. In other words, it should always fetch and never modify. Queries are executed in parallel.

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