My Notebook: FIDO2 MFA in ASP.NET Core

Fido2 is the umbrella term and branding of two new w3c standards: WebAuthn and CTAP2. WebAuthn is the JS API that allows browser to talk to the operating system to generate assertions and CTAP2 is the API that allows the operating system to talk to Authenticators (usb security keys etc)

Generic MediatR CRUD Feature

The notion of having a generic mediatR feature is that you get to write less code for a bunch of similar features for each domain entitiy

MassTransit Mediator with ASP.NET Core

Mediator is one of the 23 design patterns stated inside the GOF Design Patterns book. All it does is encapsulates communication between objects, hence no coupling. It falls into the object behavior patterns category. MassTransit has a mediator implementation. Let's talk about it.

Blazor Flash Cards - State Management with Fluxor

I'm a massive fan of the Redux pattern. One thing, though, it adds extra boilerplate code and may look overwhelming at first. But you get used to it and start to appreciate the power of it once your application grows to be a giant where state management becomes a nightmare.

Blazor Flash Cards - Hot Reload & MudBlazor

Bootstrap is all good and graceful, but let's go for different cuisine. MudBlazor is an open-source library that you want to look at if you are into Material Design. The community is welcoming, and they are pushing new updates every once in a while.

Input & Output Formatters For .NET

What formatters do is format your response and request in your preferred data formats. For example, JSON formatters; if used, would format your request and response body in JSON. Learn how to build a custom Yaml formatted in .NET

Custom "dotnet new" Templates for Your Team

There are a bunch of "dotnet" templates readily available for use. That's all fine and dandy! But what about creating your templates? Learn how easy it is to ship your runnable projects as templates for your team.