GraphQL with .NET Core (Part - I: Hello World)

Tired of REST? Let's talk about GraphQL. GraphQL provides a declarative way in which you can fetch data from the server. To work with C#, the community has provided an open-source port for GraphQL called graphql-dotnet.

Age of Empire II DE Campaigns

We are doing the Age of Empires II DE Campaigns Walkthrough on Every Tuesday. Please like and subscribe for more videos like this. Let me know which game you want me to play next!

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Montage

Yesterday's Actions Today is the new series where we show you some of the highlights of yesterday's gameplay. Please like and subscribe for more montage videos.

Live Streaming Red Dead Redemption II

We are aiming to do the Red Dead Redemption II story mode walkthrough. It's a live stream, runs every weekend. Sit back and have fun. Please like, share and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this.

Shipping Angular Elements as Web Components

Creating custom elements in Angular and exporting them as web components is real simple. See how I made a custom subscription element in Angular and used it as native HTML element.

Asynchronous Validation in Angular

It's very easy to setup asynchronous validation in Angular Form. You can check wheather provided email/date/name etc. already exists in the server with a HTTP call.

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