Shipping Angular Elements as Web Components

Creating custom elements in Angular and exporting them as web components is real simple. See how I made a custom subscription element in Angular and used it as native HTML element.

Asynchronous Validation in Angular

It's very easy to setup asynchronous validation in Angular Form. You can check wheather provided email/date/name etc. already exists in the server with a HTTP call.

Angular Form Validation on Blur and Submit

updateOn: 'blur' and updateOn: 'submit' are the options we were really craving for while working with Angular Forms. Now it's available out of the box and you don't need any custom implementations.

Versioning for ASP.NET Core Web API

If you are adding API versioning to your existing API project, you can tell ASP.NET Core to treat the undercoated controllers and actions to have version 1.0 by default. To do that, configure the AddApiVersioning() service with AssumeDefaultVersionNumberUnspecified flag.

Smart Technical Debt Estimation with NDepend

The term technical-debt is a metaphor developed by Ward Cunningham in 1992. In simple words, it states that applying a hackable solution to an issue in the codebase may struck us with a technical debt in the future. Ndepend makes it easy to estimate technical debts of your application.

NDepend - A Dependable Static Analyzer

Static analysis is a way of analysis your codebase without executing it. Sounds good? But what good will it do to us (developers) to analysis a codebase? Know all about static analysis with NDepend for your application

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