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Creating Reusable Custom Elements in Angular 6+

I first introduced myself to web components when I was working on a Polymer project. You can read about polymer and how to integrate it with ASP.NET Core here in my three-part blog series. However, this post is very straightforward. I'm just going to create a reusable Angular component and use it in a different eco-system; say for example in a normal static HTML web app. To do that we must register the component as a custom element. Walk with me Setting up an Angular project Install the very…

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Building Apps with Polymer and ASP.NET CORE (Part - I)

So, I guess you have been running wild with Angular lately. If that so, then I’m pretty much sure that you are familiar with the concept of directive. HTML5 too came up with this concept of creating custom components and they call it web components. But today’s lesson is not about web components rather it is on a third party library that is built upon web components. Like JQuery, which is basically a library to work with javascript somewhat easily, Polymer is a library which can help us…

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