Building Android Apps with C# (Intro to Xamarin.Forms)

What is Xamarin? We can’t just create an android project and start writing C# in it. That would be crazy! Right? We need some kind of wrapper or framework for that. You may have heard of a javascript framework called Cordova which allows you to write cross platform mobile apps using the web stacks (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Likewise, now we can also make cross platform apps with C# using Xamarin framework. Xamarin provides three solution templates to build mobile apps, Xamarin.iOS ( Only for making iOS apps. Use storyboard…

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Interacting With Outlook Calendar Using Live SDK

Hi geeks, so you've been trying to interact with the outlook calendar programmatically but can't get around with it. Tell you what, No fear cause super fizz is here. In this post I'm going to show you how you can interact with the outlook calendar using Live SDK. We will also build a simple calendar app for windows phone. So let's get started. Fire up visual studio and quick create a WinRT (Not the Silverlight one) windows phone blank project, name it and hit ok. Now right click on the…

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Serialization For Fun & Profit (A simple WinRT app for Windows Phone)

Hello geeks, in my previous post I showed you how easily you can scrape xml podcasts feeds with Javascript and JQuery and make a simple windows phone application. In this post I’m going to scrape the same xml feeds but will use dot net (.net) xml serialization. And yes we are going to make a Windows phone app again but this time it is a WinRT app. What I’m going to show you now, you can achieve the same thing in a hundreds of millions ways. However I…

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