Dependency Injection to The Core (Part - II)

Say for example, our client changed their requirements and now wants us to read and write comma separated data (CSV) from a filesystem instead of a database. Suppose I’ve searched and downloaded a cool library that can work with CSV files. So, we have a CSV library configured and ready to talk with our CSV files in the data access layer. If you are following me then you would say, now that we have a new data access layer, we also need a new repository. Right? Exactly! Since we…

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Dependency Injection to The Core (Part - I)

Okay since I’m writing blogs mostly on core lately, you might be wondering that why am I writing a blog on a topic which is already available in core official documentation. Well, in this post I’m not only going to talk about how you can achieve DI (Dependency Injection) in .net core but will also discuss about DI itself (what, why and how). This article reflects how I actually learned (still learning) DI. So, if you don’t want to follow my approach or…

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