NPM, BOWER, NUGET, GULP – The Four Horsemen of ASP.NET CORE Apps

It's not really a introduction Okay! So I’m not going to waste your time here giving some definitions of these four well known and broadly used tools. Rather I’ll show you how you can get most out of these tools while working on an core web applications. I’m going to start with a blank project and will add these tools (except for NuGet. All core apps support NuGet by default) one by one in the project. Finally you will have a good understanding…

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A Simple Podcast App For Windows Phone (HTML & Javascript)

Okay geeks, I’m back again to share some tricks with you. So in this post I’m going to show you how you can scrape some xml podcasts feeds and make a simple windows phone app with those data. Don’t worry if you are not a windows phone guy. It’s just some JavaScript and Html, so you can also apply it in whatever platforms that support JavaScript and Html which I think every single one does. Okay ‘nuff said, let’s begin You can find a huge…

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