Entity Framework 7

Implementing Common Audit Fields with EF Core’s Shadow Property

One of the coolest feature of EF Core is, you can define properties that don’t exists in the Entity class. They are called shadow properties. While working on EF6, I needed some common audit fields that every entity will extend. Like, when a row of a table is updated, when a row is created, what is the row version etc. Since there was no concept of shadow properties in EF6, what I and many other developers did is create an interface with those common fields and implement that interface…

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Building Apps with Polymer and ASP.NET CORE (Part - II)

OK! As I told you in the previous post that I will make APIs using ASP.NET CORE Web API to be able to Add, Update, Edit and Delete todo items on the server side but the good news is ASP.NET CORE documentation already has an article on that. Here is the link, https://docs.asp.net/en/latest/tutorials/first-web-api.html Wait a minute! That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do anything in this post. If you went through that article already then you may…

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Building web apps with ASP.net 5 MVC and Entity Framework 7

Intro to ASP.Net 5  Everyone likes the technology that comes with an “open source” tag along with it. And yes! The new ASP.net 5 is an open source project and cross platform framework. I guess, you are already feeling excited to learn some ASP.net 5 now! Well I’m a big fan of Node.js, so when I heard about ASP.net 5 and its modularity like Node.js, I thought why not give it a try. Believe me guys! I’m…

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