Data Binding

Hello from Angular (Angular.js Data Binding)

[If you are finding it difficult to grasp on what I wrote so far, don't worry! Stick with me. I will take baby steps to make you familiar with Angular.js and after seeing some simple examples, you will understand what I'm trying to achieve here with Angular.js] So let's see what we've got as our first example. If I’m right, when I said our first example. You are thinking like, "No!!! Not the hello world again!!!!" Actually you are right it's our very old friend Hello World…

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3D’s of Angular.js

Data Binding One of the core feature you will want in every presentation or client side development framework is data binding. Unlike any other frameworks angular provides two way data binding. In angular all you will have to do is to connect the view to a model. And you are done! Later in your application if the model changes the view get changed and if the view changes the model get changed. This feature was so much needed because before that developers have to write additional codes to update the…

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