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Migrating from the old ASP.NET Core Angular Spa template to the newer one

Client Side Changes: If you are using the ASP.NET Core Angular SPA template that has been shipped with the .NET Core 2.0 release of the framework, you will have the following project structure. Assuming that you put your application scripts under the ClientApp/app folder. So, before migrating, take a back up of the folder. Delete the ClientApp folder altogether. We will generate the folder with the Angular CLI. On the project root directory, open up a command prompt window and generate an Angular app by running the…

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About The Updated SPA Templates From ASP.NET Core

Install the new spa templates by running the following dotnet cli command, dotnet new --install Microsoft.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates::2.0.0-preview1-final More or less everyone working with ASP.NET Core, tried out the following SPA templates shipped with the framework, These templates are configured to use Angular/React/ReactRedux (based on your choice) on the client side and ASP.NET Core as back-end. Behind the scene a package Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices is used as a middleware to provide different configurable options for your application such as HMR (Hot…

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