AngularJS and Core 1.0 JumpStart (Part – II)

Adding about and howto controllers Welcome to the part two of AngularJs and Core 1.0 JumpStart! In part one we configured routing for our app and also attached views to those routes. We will implement the game logics in this post. To handle client side business logics, we will implement three angular controllers respective to the three views we have. Let’s implement the controllers for the howto and about views first since they are pretty much easier. In your app folder under js add two new…

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AngularJS and Core 1.0 JumpStart (Part – I)

Building the “Answer It!” app “Answer It!” is an app more like the famous TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire” but a bit different. Here a user will be presented with some predefined question sets. User will have to answer all the questions in limited amount of time and grab the glorious prize of “NOTHING”. I’ll build the app from scratch following some patterns and practices in both server and client side. In the end of this series you will have a good understanding on how to…

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