Building a Scraping Server in Node.js & Deploying to Windows Azure (Beginners)

Hi geeks! Today I'm going to show you how you can make a simple scraping server in node.js and deploy it to Windows Azure. Before we start, some of you may ask, "What is scraping?". Well! Building a data driven application is fun only when you have some data. Suppose you want to get some data from an online news portal and use it in your app. But you don't know where the database server is. If you are lucky enough to know the address of the database server,…

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Seeding Data into Azure Mobile Services

Okay, Geeks! I'm writing this post for two reasons. Number one is to get you up and running with Azure Command Line Interface (CLI). And two is to show you how you can seed testing data for your Azure Mobile Service apps. So lets get started, I'm gonna make a simple nodejs application for this demo. If you are a .Net developer, don't worry! just carry along. Once you get the concept, you can also apply it to your .Net applications First, let me fire up Visual Studio and create…

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