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How Tree Shaking Works in ASP.NET Core Angular SPA

If you've been using ES2015 modules throughout your javascript codebase; in other words: import(ing) and export(ing) modules, there is a good news for you. You can eliminate unused modules (dead code) from your published script when using different module bundlers available online. While rollup (a trending module bundler) being the first to introduce the concept and implement it, other module bundlers came to realize that this is a must have feature and soon they also start implementing the feature in their own way. webpack is a popular module…

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Cache headers for MVC File Action Result (ASP.NET Core 2.0)

You typically work with one of the following action results when you want to write a file to the response. FileContentResult (writes a binary file to response) FileStreamResult (writes a file from a stream to the response) VirtualFileResult (writes a file specified using a virtual path to the response) These are all coming from ASP.NET Core's MVC package. In earlier version of ASP.NET Core (1.*); using these action results, you could have served files but there wasn't any way of configuring cache headers for the responses. I'm pretty…

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