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Building Custom Formatters for .Net Core (Yaml Formatters)

Quite recently I got myself introduced to .net core’s formatters. In short, what formatters do is format your response and request in your preferred data formats. For example, Json formatters, if used would format your response (returned value from controller's action) and request (value passed as a parameter to the controller) in Json. Same goes for the XML and other formatters. .Net Core gives you some formatters out of the box. This official documentation link described them briefly https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/mvc/models/formatting But…

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Dependency Injection to The Core (Part - I)

Okay since I’m writing blogs mostly on asp.net core lately, you might be wondering that why am I writing a blog on a topic which is already available in asp.net core official documentation. Well, in this post I’m not only going to talk about how you can achieve DI (Dependency Injection) in .net core but will also discuss about DI itself (what, why and how). This article reflects how I actually learned (still learning) DI. So, if you don’t want to follow my approach or…

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Don't Share Your Secrets! (.NET CORE Secret Manager Tool)

I’ve been working on this million-dollar project of mine and wanted it to make the project open source. So, I made a repository on github and pushed my project. That’s where I almost made a big mistake. Since my project was data driven so there were some connection strings stuff in my web.config file, Practically I would remove the connection strings and other credentials stuff out of my web.config file before I push it to the repository. But it was a big headache for me since…

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