It's my domain and I can say whatever I like (Five year blog anniversary)

Five years back, at this very same day I started my journey in the world of blogging. I know it's nothing to brag about. However, since it's my own domain, I can say anything I want. But seriously, there have been many ups and downs. There were times when I literally wanted to stop blogging. Although the reasons were silly enough to make anyone say "This guy is a stupid". But again, aren’t we all stupid? Ask yourself why do you read blogs? Isn't it the very same reason for all of us; to know something and become less stupid compared to the day before? I think you would agree on that.

Don't get me wrong but like any other job, I consider blogging itself is a job. And it's a tough job to do especially if you are dealing with technology stuff. Because technology is something that is always evolving. And to keep up with it, you have to have that kind of mindset.

It's a job from which you don't expect anything. Something that you do for fun. Something that you put on the world wide web to let people know that you learned something and you want to let them know what you just learned.

Some people may throw a punch at you saying, "Why did you say it's a tough job?". All you are doing is hitting some keys. What else?". Well, I would have agreed on that if it only includes copying stuff to earn money from page views.
A simple blog post involves a lot of background study and experiments. One of my favorite quote from the great Stephen King is,

"If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that."

With that being said, it's also about having interest too. You can't push yourself in learning something unless you have interest in it. Interest is something that grows by itself. Again, that's the best part about this job. If you don't have interest right now, there is no one to give you headache about it. You can always start and stop depending on your mood.

Long posts, short posts, blog that doesn't look beautiful, what my fellow bloggers will think about it etc. Those things don't actually matter. The only thing that matters is a starting of something great. Something that's your own. All you need is another quote from King (Yes sir! I'm a king fan),

"The scariest moment is always just before you start."

Once you start, don't search for motivation in places where you wouldn't find an inch of it. It is a tough world I must say. But once in a while you will find people who really appreciates what you do. In my case that was Shahriar Hyder. The guy who told me I'm definitely going to make my HR hire you once he interviewed me.

Be optimistic! Doing something that you love will bring you lot of opportunities. You have to give it some time. Who would have thought that a guy like me could contribute to the official docs of Microsoft. Years from now If I had given up, maybe one year from now Rick Anderson would have asked another guy/gal on twitter if he/she is interested in contributing.

Best thing that my blog ever brought to me is that, it opened up so many paths for me. Now I can frankly talk with other community members knowing that they consider me as one of their own.

I remember the time when I often suffered from back and neck pain and I had to take physio therapies every now and then. The reason was that I was trying too hard. Doing my day job and prepare materials for my next blog, once I get back home was too much. But that didn’t stop me from doing what I love. Instead it taught me how to work under pressure and tight schedules. That also gave me the courage to start a startup of my own. Now that I have my own startup, I’ve freedoms to do pretty much anything. So, I’m spending my time more on reading and doing interesting things nowadays.

Every now and then I laugh at myself thinking that, at the beginning stages, I was too afraid to put something on my blog before it gets reviewed by my sister first. So, thank you my big sis (Humaira Binte Hasan) for not getting irritated and for all your supports.

Last but not least, I thank all the readers out there who like reading my blogs. It's been a pleasure writing for you. I also thank other awesome tech bloggers from whom I get to know so many things.

To people who want to start blogging but not finding a proper way. My suggestion to them would be to start small. I started with Blogger at Classroom of Fizz. Now I'm on Ghost with my own domain. So, it's not like you can't start unless you have your own space or a credit card. It's about having passion for it.

If you have further queries, feel free to ask me anything. I will be glad to help you out.