Events & Speeches

Weekend Webinar #1: Up & Running with C# (Language: Bengali)

Webinar: Using JavaScriptServices for Creating Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core (Language: Bengali)

Asp.Net Corephilia (NewsCred Bangladesh Office)

Preventing XSRF in Asp.Net Core

Azure GO (NewsCred Bangladesh Office)

Azure Notification Hub - Push Notifications for Azure Mobile Apps

#CodeSpark @ MIST - be the spark of tomorrow

New Windows New Opportunities - What is new in Windows 10. What's kind of new opportunities for developers.

Microsoft Dev Camps - 6 (Microsoft Bangladesh Office)

When You Cant Code You Can Blend - Creating WinJS application for Windows and Windows Phone with a minimum amount of code. Using Blend to make your coding life easy.

Microsoft Dev Camps - 5 (Microsoft Bangladesh Office)

Tales of Two Brothers - Building Windows & Windows Phone App with Angular.js & Win.js

Presentation Stack